Latest work

Ferntree Gully recreation pond

Ferntree Gully pond

This beautiful recreation pond was completed a month or two ago. It’s in Ferntree Gully. Constructed with granite. There’s a wetland filter, aeration, there’s also a beach! And fish, water lilies, gentle little waterfalls. Plenty of sand. And of course, there is the natural filtered water. I’ll organise some more photos and videos when I […]

Lake Gkula (Woodford, QLD), 18 months on…

Lake Gkula

This lake may look natural, but it was man-made just 18 months ago! Patrick Handley of Waterscapes Australia made it happen, while I helped him with the design and construction for a large part of it. It took around five months to build, with the assistance of many pond-builders around the country flying in to […]

Vermont Japanese garden with stream

Japanese courtyard stream

Here is the just-completed Japanese courtyard garden in Vermont, Melbourne. There is a 4m long gentle running stream, with stepping stones alongside and across the stream. I have planted it out with Nandina and Himalayan weeping bamboo. Another feature is the natural bamboo screen. Here’s a walkthrough of it… … and here are some photos… […]

Kangaroo Ground recreation pond just finished!

Kangaroo Ground pond

Just finished the large pond in Kangaroo Ground. Exhausted, but happy!   Here’s the client’s testimonial: “We’re thrilled with our new pond. It’s so serene and beautiful. We knew we wanted a pond were we already had what we called “The Bog”. It was a damp, weed-filled ditch that needed to be dealt with, but […]