Aquascape presents ‘Harmony’, MIFGS 2018

Harmony Garden
After a successful first show garden at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden show in 2016 , Ben Harris Gardens has teamed up with MG Gardens to produce ‘Harmony’. This garden won Bronze in the show garden category at the Melbourne International Flower & Garden show in 2018.

Design Brief

Harmony Garden MIFGS 2018 - concept view

Concept design – overhead view

Harmony is a garden designed to strengthen and nurture our relationship with nature. It is a garden allowing for interaction, exploration, absorption and reflection.

A winding timber boardwalk guides the visitor through the garden on an enriching journey. The path intertwines with a natural rock stream providing many places for visitors to interact with nature. The journey culminates at the heart of the garden on a beautifully curved timber deck where a stunning waterfall provides an exhilarating backdrop.

The garden’s emphasis is on highlighting the beauty of nature herself. As such, there is an abundance of plant life. Exotic and native species are woven into a rich tapestry, celebrating each other’s diversity and beauty.

Man-made elements are introduced in consonance with the surrounding landscape. The natural stream, although built by man, is crafted to appear as if created by nature herself. The curving timber boardwalk weaves through the garden, in unison with the undulating landform. Hard structures intermingle with nature rather than separate from it.

This is a garden where there are no divisions, no conflicts, no labels. A place that is inviting and welcoming of all forms of life. A garden to immerse humanity into nature and feel a sense of belonging to the earth.


We are deeply thankful to our wonderful sponsors for their help and support in making this show garden possible.

Major Sponsor

Aquascape Supplies Australia

Gold Sponsor

The Garden of Eden Nursery

Silver Gilt Sponsor

Nick Mayhew Landscapes

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Bells Watergardens   Gardens at Night  Speciality Trees

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