Kangaroo Ground recreation pond just finished!

Just finished the large pond in Kangaroo Ground. Exhausted, but happy!


Here’s the client’s testimonial:

“We’re thrilled with our new pond. It’s so serene and beautiful. We knew we wanted a pond were we already had what we called “The Bog”. It was a damp, weed-filled ditch that needed to be dealt with, but we weren’t really sure how. We called Ben who wandered around for a bit, asked a few questions and designed the fabulous result! He was great. He just showed up when he said he would and got on with it.

It was fascinating to watch it all happening. The pond looks natural, but it’s actually a miracle of modern aquascaping. So much more attractive than a swimming pool and far less maintenance, but you can still go for a dip if you feel like it. It’s perfect.”