Lake Gkula (Woodford, QLD), 18 months on…

Lake Gkula

Lake Gkula

This lake may look natural, but it was man-made just 18 months ago! Patrick Handley of Waterscapes Australia made it happen, while I helped him with the design and construction for a large part of it. It took around five months to build, with the assistance of many pond-builders around the country flying in to help.

I took these videos yesterday morning, at the end of my recent trip up there for “Aussie Pondo”. It was a great event where pond-builders were able to swap knowledge and have fun.

It truly is a beautiful lake, and it is absolutely fascinating watching the ecology of the lake develop. It shows just what is actually possible with Aquascape water features. If you want something like this, I can build it for you (although I would be getting lots of hands to help!).

Video – Introduction to Lake Gkula:


Video – Jets and waterfalls


Video – South wetland and Vallesneria


Video – South wetland, lake depth, and intake bay