Camberwell stream

Recently finished this great little stream in Camberwell. This is near the front gate, so visitors will be greeted by the sound of the running water as they open the gate to walk up the path. But before walking up the path, they will definitely be pausing to take in the scene. I have placed a couple of rocks on the edge of the path and stream that invite people to squat down and test the water.

I’ve used Castlemaine boulders for this stream, and that was carried across into the stone steps, and the new stone wall that Dave and Nigel built for this job. There are some nice water ferns and moss that will grow in the stream to further naturalise it. Very coarse sand and some pebbles create beaches that lead into the water. It is really interesting to watch the running water carve out shapes in the sand over time.

All in all, I’m very happy with the result on this one. It took a while, and every rock in there was placed by hand. But worth the wait.

Some nice photos below…

… and a short video of the stream running…