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Caring for your garden

Ben Harris

I’m often asked for a ‘low-maintenance’ garden. But what does that actually mean … an hour’s work a day, week, month or year? Some people even seem to expect a garden to look beautiful with no maintenance. With today’s busy lifestyles, I can understand why people want ‘low-maintenance’ – but I sometimes feel that they […]

What is an ecosystem pond?

At Ben Harris Gardens, we build ecosystem ponds, which mimic the ecological processes of natural water bodies with five key components: rocks and pebbles, plants, fish and bacteria, oxygenation and filtration. Here’s how they work together to keep your pond healthy: filtration is addressed in two ways – biological and mechanical: beneficial bacteria are the […]

Natural water feature plants – Acorus gramineus

A good plant for your natural water feature – Acorus gramineus (Japanese Sweet Flag) Running water can be difficult for some plants, but Acorus gramineus loves it. It thrives in ornamental ponds and streams here in Melbourne. It needs no fertiliser, and grows in sun and shade. I have Acorus growing in my own pond, […]