Ben Harris Gardens

Providing landscape design and construction of beautiful water gardens in Melbourne, Australia.

Whether you’re after a water garden, or a cottage, native or contemporary garden, you can expect a high-quality landscape design from Ben Harris Gardens.

We are specialists in creating stunning natural water features for your garden. A water feature could be a small pond, or a larger billabong, a meandering stream or even a series of waterfalls. We also create pondless streams and waterfalls that combine the soothing sound and beauty of running water, without the fish and water lilies. Click here for more information about natural water features.

Click here to read more about our design process and beliefs, or you can look at some of our featured projects. If you would like to discuss your landscape design needs, please contact Ben via email or phone.

Natural water features

Find out more about garden pond landscape design in Melbourne

Garden ponds

We create amazing ornamental ponds and billabongs that are easier to care for than traditional ponds. The key is to make them look as natural as possible …

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Find out more about pondless streams and waterfalls landscape design in Melbourne

Pondless water features

Pondless streams and waterfalls provide the relaxing sound and beauty of running water over rocks, with no deep standing water, fish or water lilies. They are ideal when garden space is limited …

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Find out more about dry creek bed landscape design in Melbourne

Dry creek beds & rain gardens

Consider a dry creek bed as an ecologically sound way to use water run-off, that doubles as a beautiful feature within your landscape …

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Garden styles

Find out more about native garden design in Melbourne

Native gardens

Our native bush gardens provide relaxed, rustic settings that require minimal maintenance …

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Find out more about Japanese garden design in Melbourne

Japanese gardens

Original Japanese gardens are places of peaceful elegance that create a haven for relaxation. At Ben Harris Gardens, we aspire to capture this grace, calm and sense of stillness in your own exceptional ‘zen’ garden…

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Find out more about cottage garden design in Melbourne

Cottage gardens

At Ben Harris Gardens, we create cottage gardens for keen gardeners and not-so-green thumbs alike. These gardens are as much about the fun of gardening as they are about colour…

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Find out more about Aquascape Inc.

Ben Harris Gardens is a Certified Aquascape Contractor (CAC). CACs are the most qualified and informed pond installers in the water gardening industry. Click here for more information on Aquascape.

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